Marijuana initiative gaining support in new poll, buys $1 million in TV ads

Washington state last weighed in on marijuana in 1998, when voters enthusiastically approved what was at the time a pioneering change – allowing the chronically ill to get as high as they needed. Fourteen years in marijuana policy debates seems an eon, and medical marijuana in Washington is now so settled that the entire elected leadership of Seattle endorses full legalization.

But early polls on the new big marijuana law change on the November ballot – Initiative 502 - has indicated teetering support. Despite sign-on from ex-cops, prosecutors and blue-blood businessmen and philanthropists, I-502 hasn’t bumped much above 50 percent, except in the campaign’s own polling, and opposition hovering in the mid-40s.

Now, a SurveyUSA/KING5 poll compiled last week finds a huge swing: 55 percent approve, 32 percent oppose, with 13 percent undecided. As much as you can believe one poll, the new numbers indicate previously opposed voters are now taking a second look. SurveyUSA/KING5′s January poll on I-502 found 51 percent in favor, 41 percent opposed and 8 percent undecided.

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